Intervention Lake Louise, AB, Canada


Visual Artist/curator based in Burlington, Vermont, USA. 

As a ceramic artist, Ciro’s work is inspired by the beauty and translucency of porcelain. However, his art is not just about aesthetics, but also about shedding light on addiction. Through the use of illuminated translucent porcelain, he aims to bring attention to the issue of addiction and its impact on individuals and society. Addiction is often hidden in the shadows, but his art brings it to the forefront, revealing it’s true nature and the harm it causes. By using porcelain as a medium, he hopes to create a sense of fragility and vulnerability, highlighting the delicate balance between light and darkness. Ciro’s art is a reflection of the struggle between addiction and recovery, and a reminder that there is always hope for those who seek it.

As a ceramic artist, he explores the contrasts between addiction and illuminated translucent porcelain. Ciro’s work is inspired by the qualities of light and shadow that translucent porcelain conveys, and he uses spontaneity and experience rather than precision and control to manipulate and invert shapes, inviting light to shine on the surprises inside and through forms.

Through his art, Ciro advocates for narcolepsy, using graphic imagery to convey the struggle of addiction and the need for greater awareness for both these conditions.

Ciro’s pieces explore the range of feeling and texture that ceramics can convey, taking the viewer from an expected comfort into an extraordinary intimacy, well beyond the pleasantries that we normally associate with our consumption. Like fishing or being in love, ceramics is intimately private and yet profoundly universal. Ciro uses this medium to express the soul inside an object.

researching printmaking processes that transferred  imagery onto ceramics tells a story intimately the role of art in my personal transformation that creates a cultural practice of building social space for collective action.

Concepts are drawn from my personal experience of Substance Use Disorder, recovery, and narcolepsy. My work in addiction started with a vase referencing the 16th century Ming Dynasty period and original poetry.

“His Metaphoric use of vessels, porcelain, and illumination speak to an interest in art that communicates. The installation “And Yet I Shine” and the situated intervention on Lake Louise exemplifies Ciro’s interest in the use of context and space.”

Installation ‘And Yet I Shine’