February 14th 2014 the day of San Valentino!

I posted this picture with little thought of artistic recognition. I just bought a Nikon DLSR Camera and wanted to capture my love for club and partner. With the off chance that it might get on AC Milanโ€™s website. Well the picture started to go VIRAL.

By that I mean thousands of people were seeing the picture and engaging with it by sharing, commenting, or liking it. It was all very exciting for me at the time, then I noticed another persons name under it.

AC Milan San Valentino Winner 2014 #WeLoveACM
AC Milan San Valentino Winner 2014 #WeLoveACM


I quickly looked the person up.. It was a girl that had shared my picture without giving credit to where it came from. I was angry yet thrilled. I think a weird side of me loves conflict.. Or at least the challenge of finding a solution. I tweeted my discomfort and immediately received an apologetic response from the person. She agreed to a public apology and to share Kendallโ€™s video Cannonball! That was the easy bit.

Now how do I get a Facebook page with 20 million followers to change content? I asked my friend ( with a background in intellectual property ) for advice. She said to tweet politely that their was a mix up and link the apology. Keep it light! Someone will read it. 6hrs later. I received this message:



tag changed and nice picture

My photo had been seen by 20,000 people, but I hadn’t thought about protecting my work. Next time I will.

All it took was 20 minutes of brilliance and one DSLR camera.