‘Chase the Solution Not the Dragon’
 Ceramic Vase


Dimensions: 18 x14 x5

Materials: Laguna Bmix cone 5, iron oxide, Chrysanthos underglaze bright blue, Porcelain Terra Sigillata, Roses are White glaze, wax resist.

Processes: Wheel thrown form in two sections, 10 iron oxide transfers, carved, hand painted blue underglaze, terra sigillata applied and burnished. Sprayed white glaze.

Firing Temp: 2232 (Cone 6)

Date Completed: November 4th, 2016

One of my proudest university achievements to date, was a studio project for my Cultural Studies in Visual Art class. This ceramic vase references a 16th century Chinese piece. I used traditional and contemporary methods to decorate the vase. The imagery I chose to use was based off pieces from the Ming dynasty period.

I incorporated some contemporary text (my Shane Koyzan winning poetry submission, fentanyl health warnings, a newspaper article, and imagery) to reference the Fentanyl epidemic in Canada. The fentanyl that is killing hundreds of people is believed to be coming from China; it’s a personal topic for me as I lost my housemate just over a year ago, my best friend 8 years ago, and struggled with an opiate addiction myself.

“The only way we’ll ever touch the problem of addiction is by developing and fostering viable culture.”-Dr. Bruce K. Alexander

The solution for me personally was nurturing my creativity (attending art school), living in a supportive community like Nanaimo.

This piece is currently on display as part of the ‘Best of BC’ show at the Gallery of BC Ceramics on Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Gallery of BC Ceramics
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V6H 3R7 Canada
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Gallery of BC Ceramics