Celebrating the life of Andy Williams aka DJ A_Dog in Burlington, Vermont, USA.

I heard somewhere in my travels that as a community we get sick or we get healthy together. What I witnessed Saturday August 26, 2017, was a community of people coming together in memory of Andy Williams. Skaters, DJ’s, artists, friends, and family. A community of people commemorating a Burlington icon, featuring both established and emerging talent.

For myself, it was a dream come true. Participating in this year’s event was truly an honour. Thank you to The Friends For A_Dog Foundation for approving my project and allowing me the creative freedom to create an installation that held true to my vision.

‘Timeless DJ A_Dog’

‘Timeless DJ A_Dog’ is a mixed media art installation. A medium mash-up of ceramics and printmaking. Translucent porcelain skateboards with screen printed images of DJ A_Dog. Displayed using plexiglass, wood pallets and salvaged wood. The structure and decks were illuminated by LED lights that were sound responsive to the music.

How on earth did I come up with this idea/ concept?


Studying visual arts at Vancouver Island University, I often spend my time working late nights in the studio. I find comfort in letting DJ A_Dog choose the tunes for me.

One night, his 2012 Burton U.S. Open Mash-Down mix came on SoundCloud.

In the beginning of the mix (4:03-6:24) he transitions from Neil Young into Wiz Khalifa.. and it floored me. How do you transition Neil Young into a hip-hop mix?? But it worked. Art is like that when you mash-up mediums and styles. Taking different areas of artistic expression, combining them into one.

I researched the Neil Young – Old Man remix and to my surprise it was by Vancouver Artists The Funk Hunters, (just a ferry ride away from Vancouver Island University). It blew my mind to think Andy made that mix 5 years ago.

In art school, we often discuss what makes a work timeless. I believe Andy’s work was just that. I’m still inspired and learning from him today.

A project that began as an advanced printmaking installation assignment and eventually after 8 months it came to fruition. I wanted to create an installation that visually spoke to the passions of DJ A_Dog. I searched for what ‘timeless’ meant to me and the material.

“Clay represents timelessness. It’s old and modern , and if you don’t break it, it will last hundreds, maybe thousands of years.’ -Ann Lerinder

Commemorating the life and love for Andy Williams a.k.a. DJ A_Dog who continues to inspire the world around us through his kindness and compassion for the youth of Burlington.

I met Andy through skating and music. I have been inspired by him ever since – this installation is a thank you to Andy for his inspiration and the love he emanated to all those who came in contact with him.

Stuck in VERMONT: A_Dog Day


To Be Continued…