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Social media marketing: Mark490

This summer I have been taking a course on social media marketing.

This is a short video I shot as part of a group project:

I hold the highest regard for Professor Thomas. She has a teaching style that is informative, visual, and engaging. “Read, watch, and listen” as she refers to it. I know that I could take e-commerce management or social media marketing again and still learn something new. I guess what I am trying to say is thank you.. I am pushed to my best when a Professor trys her best too.

My mentor Professor Leaf mentioned to me in June that he was going to be very upset if I returned in September burned out from overworking myself this summer. In the days following Rock of the Woods I understood what he meant. I am an optimist and I need people around me to remind me to slow down or to tell me I am being unrealistic with a timeline. I knew that for my career I needed/wanted to be in social media marketing. I learned about Klout scores and how that could influence an interview in the future. For those of you who don’t know what your Klout score is? Look it up.

Basically it is a way to measure your social media reach across multiple social media services. It became a game between my partner Kendall and I. Rock star vs. Artist/Manager.
When I entered the class my score was a low 32. Now it’s a 58. I have almost doubled my social reach as a result of #MARk490.