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Listener’s Choice Part B | Picks From The First 500 Episodes | Episode 500B


Paul Blais:

I went to the mic and asked for the listeners to send me their top picks from the first 500 episodes and what part of the episodes really made and impact. For some of the people who wrote in I was able to call them and have a short conversation, and for others I read their email. Either way, this episode is dear to my heart. I hope you enjoy it.

Ciro: I will reflect on this later… Right now I’m off to demo for my friends at The Mud Studio

The Mud Studio

961 US-2, Middlesex, VT 05602














Social media marketing: Mark490

This summer I have been taking a course on social media marketing.

This is a short video I shot as part of a group project:

I hold the highest regard for Professor Thomas. She has a teaching style that is informative, visual, and engaging. “Read, watch, and listen” as she refers to it. I know that I could take e-commerce management or social media marketing again and still learn something new. I guess what I am trying to say is thank you.. I am pushed to my best when a Professor trys her best too.

My mentor Professor Leaf mentioned to me in June that he was going to be very upset if I returned in September burned out from overworking myself this summer. In the days following Rock of the Woods I understood what he meant. I am an optimist and I need people around me to remind me to slow down or to tell me I am being unrealistic with a timeline. I knew that for my career I needed/wanted to be in social media marketing. I learned about Klout scores and how that could influence an interview in the future. For those of you who don’t know what your Klout score is? Look it up.

Basically it is a way to measure your social media reach across multiple social media services. It became a game between my partner Kendall and I. Rock star vs. Artist/Manager.
When I entered the class my score was a low 32. Now it’s a 58. I have almost doubled my social reach as a result of #MARk490.


Relationship Limelight: Communicate or run and hide?


A normal Monday. Out to run errands with two of my favourite people #MasterGabriel and my queen Kendall Patrick. For those of you who might be new to reading my blog.

Gabriel is a 17 year old boy that Kendall and I look after. He is a saint in my book and we are very fortunate to have his youthful innocence in our lives.

After breakfast we make a plan to run errands downtown and roughly plan our meals for the week. I was waiting on the couch for Kendall and Gabriel to get ready.

And then it happened…
Kendall walked out of her room wearing shorts with a bit of her under bum showing?!

I then made the grave error of declaring an ultimatum.. If you don’t change those shorts than I am not leaving the house with you. I didn’t explain why. I became visibly upset (emotionally shutdown) and retreated to the bedroom.

Buzz buzz notification: Kendall has a new status update on Facebook. Suddenly my heart sank.. How could she broadcast our 25 second interaction already other than to portray the controlling chauvinistic boyfriend. The singer-songwriter heroine in her needed to broadcast her displeasure and revolt. Kendall has a 70 Klout score.. Which means her social media reach is extensive. Everything that she posts gets attention/ engagement. She is an indie/folk/pop star with a growing following.


Was I being a controlling pig? You might think so.. My intention was to delicately look out for my partners integrity. My part in failing to communicate with her precisely why she needed to change. Instead I gave an ultimatum and shutdown emotionally. Epic failure.


I wanted to pull the sheets over my head and hide for the rest of the day. 60 seconds later I walked out waving the white flag. I acknowledged that I failed to communicate because I was shocked and also that I didn’t want to mention that the shorts that were once baggy in the bum are now full with some under bum hanging out.

She looked at me and after a little more debate acknowledged that there has been some physical blossoming happening. She happily changed and gave me a kiss.

She promptly changed her post: