Instagram has been an amazing platform for me to build community around the work I create.

My niche is print on clay or printmaking fused with clay.


Think of Instagram like this massive filing cabinet where over 200 million daily users are all uploading content at the same time..  It can get very messy and people get lost in the shuffle. 

#Hashtags help artists to be found/seen and not lost in the shuffle!!

Utilizing hashtags allows your work to be seen in the chaos. It’s important to understand that the Instagram algorithm controls what or who you see.

By using a hashtag (that you research) you have a fighting chance to be seen!

To grow your audience organically through the quality of your work and creating high quality content!

True story:

It feels uncomfortable still for me today to engage in self-promotion by sharing my own work.. but that’s my job. YOU HAVE TO BE SEEN TO SELL WORK. TO STAY AN ARTIST I HAVE TO SELL WORK.

Instagram mentions

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April 21st 2018


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