Award-winning Chef/ Father:
Antonino Di Ruocco

Why did you choose culinary arts?

The passion for food in me is a very strong matter, and I do it to make the people happy, that is my goal.

So when the people are so happy with your food… How do you feel?

I feel great because I reached my goal, that makes me happy.

And you want that feeling to continue?

I post pictures of my dishes on Facebook, because I like to hear the comment of the people.. but myself I know is good (the food) and they’re going to like it. That makes me happy today!

Vancouver Island University True Story Slam Champion/ Creative writer:
Robert Ferguson

Why writing?

Oh I write because I have to

Robert could not comment further due to his phone dieing and being on a plane. He is very mysterious.20140919-031147-11507864.jpg
Award-winning singer-songwriter: Kendall Patrick

Why Music?

Because god tells me too.

I love her. I had nothing else to say to that response.

Why?  A wheel thrown mug.

Why do I make ceramic pieces on the wheel?

The wheel and clay silences the darkness that lives inside me. It’s a healthy obsession.. It brings hope and excitement into my life.

I believe everyone has a cross to bear so to speak.. I struggle daily with a chronic neurological condition called narcolepsy. This has brought me too many dark places. Including faced with death.

No matter how much I sleep. I do not feel rested. If I choose to listen to that voice that says “just go back to sleep Ciro. Life will be much better once you wake up”. My life would be defined by the feeling of exhaustion.

Thanks Julie Flygare for this great resource!
Thanks Julie Flygare for this great resource!

Ceramic work and the dedication it evokes has given me a renewed sense of self-confidence. When I am at the wheel, I don’t feel tired. I am not fighting off sleep. I am just innocent and me. The clay reflects back an honesty about where I am at that I am unable to see in the mirror. It teaches me self-care, patience, and humility. Without that perspective of self.. I am lost.

Something deep inside me loves cups, mugs, cylindrical wheel thrown vessels.

What keeps me coming back are the feelings of excitement and peace. I feel like a kid in the candy store. When the clay rises between my fingers, in that moment between feeling the clay move and seeing it grow upwards.. I am free.

~In clay I trust.. I found self~

Too be continued..


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