February 14th 2014 the day of San Valentino!

I posted this picture with little thought of artistic recognition. I just bought a Nikon DLSR Camera and wanted to capture my love for club and partner. With the off chance that it might get on AC Milan’s website. Well the picture started to go VIRAL.

By that I mean thousands of people were seeing the picture and engaging with it by sharing, commenting, or liking it. It was all very exciting for me at the time, then I noticed another persons name under it.

AC Milan San Valentino Winner 2014 #WeLoveACM
AC Milan San Valentino Winner 2014 #WeLoveACM


I quickly looked the person up.. It was a girl that had shared my picture without giving credit to where it came from. I was angry yet thrilled. I think a weird side of me loves conflict.. Or at least the challenge of finding a solution. I tweeted my discomfort and immediately received an apologetic response from the person. She agreed to a public apology and to share Kendall’s video Cannonball! That was the easy bit.

Now how do I get a Facebook page with 20 million followers to change content? I asked my friend ( with a background in intellectual property ) for advice. She said to tweet politely that their was a mix up and link the apology. Keep it light! Someone will read it. 6hrs later. I received this message:



tag changed and nice picture

My photo had been seen by 20,000 people, but I hadn’t thought about protecting my work. Next time I will.

All it took was 20 minutes of brilliance and one DSLR camera.