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Artist statement from 2018 evolved into new meaningful ceramics

Visual Art for me is about having a voice.

I use it as a platform to address real life is concerns, and experiences. To shed light on addiction , on sleep, and to commemorate a friends life and passing. It manifests in ceramics and printmaking, but the documentation of the artwork will reach more people than the vessels I make ever would. 

The picture or video of the piece or process is valued more today than the art I create or technique employed. I have fought against this by fostering community through ceramics and local engagement. Ultimately, ceramics should be experienced, touched, visceral and felt. They are so much more than a picture of a pot on a computer screen.

Art has the power to create conversation, provoke emotional responses, and bring people together. By challenging social stigmas and expectations I aim to create works that are empowering expressions of truth. Art helps me find meaning in the obstacles I face. 

It takes courage to walk towards an uncertain future, but for me that feels like freedom.