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Next on my Strange Addiction:


29 year old male from Nanaimo BC recently found with garage packed with used pottery and screen printing equipment.

In the most recent purchase, the 3rd kiln to add to the arsenal. His accomplice was seen wheeling the kiln on a dolly back to their respective street in the middle of the night. Ciro (29 year old male) was seen driving home comfortably as his accomplice (Robert F) was labouring the kiln back to their street.


In the span of a few months I have acquired 4 pottery wheels, 3 kilns, and a 4 colour screen printing press. It’s all very strange. Slowly my garage/studio is becoming more efficient. Thanks to my friend Robert F. (accomplice) I am able to fire my kiln at his house down the street. Robert also brought to my attention that it is impossible to use more than one wheel at a time. Kendall believes I am slipping into hoarding tendencies.

Right now, I am working on various glaze test batches. Trying to develop my own glaze colour palette. It will take time and lots of research.


What I love about the ceramic medium is it’s versatility. It can be used for function, art, or both.

“Look to combine beauty and function in a pot.” – Bernard Leach